Prom Dress Tips for Plus Size Gals

May 26, 2011

Who says that plus size girls aren't worthy of taking home the crown as the prom queen? Well, although slim girls have the advantage of taking the spotlight, it doesn't mean full-figured girls should just sit in a corner and hide. There are tons of plus size clothes and prom dresses for them to choose from.

To dazzle like a "big" star, consider these tips when you're shopping for the perfect prom dress.

  • Attitude counts. Be patient when searching for your dream prom dress. Never get frustrated at the first prom dress you put on. Just move on and keep your hopes up. If you're not in the right mood, I suggest you don't go shopping at all.
  • Search, search, and search. There are so many places where you can find plus size dresses: the nearby boutiques, shopping mall on the highway, vintage shops, and even online stores.
  • Don't think too much of the price tag. Remember, if you feel great wearing the dress and you can afford it, buy it at once. If you're worrying too much about money, save up some bucks at least 6 months before the prom.
  • Get inspiration - from magazines and on the Internet. There are millions of styles you can choose from. Compile them all and choose the best 5.
  • Customized dress. Yes, you can design your own prom dress and let your dressmaker do his/her magic. Good thing about this is you'll have a dress that perfectly fits your figure. If you purchased a dress, you can always deliver it to the dressmaker to make some adjustments and alterations.
  • Ask help. You may ask your friends and family to make an honest opinion of your assets and flaws. Find a dress that can highlight your assets and hide your flaws. Let them suggest what looks great on you and what's not.
  • Confidence is key. In order to look gorgeous, you need to think positively that you're a beautiful gem in the crowd. Show them the "plus" factor.
  • Opt for slimming styles like mermaid skirts, gowns with fitted waists, and dark colors. I don't actually recommend this much, only for those who want to look slimmer. In fact, I want each and every voluptuous girl to feel happy with her body, so go wear whatever you want!

How to Shop for Sunglasses

May 25, 2011

Sunglasses. Every woman owns one but not every woman knows how to choose the perfect pair. If you're only considering two factors like price and style, you're not doing it right. So here are some tips to help you pick your pair of sunnies when you go shopping.

  •  Color of lenses. You have to consider the color of the lenses before buying. Why? Because tints affect how well you detect contrast and differentiate colors. Some lenses enhance contrast and vice versa. If you're trying a pair and you're having a hard time differentiating colors in your surroundings, try another. You might have difficulty doing your usual activities while wearing it (e.g. while driving, looking at the traffic lights).

  • Eye protection. Aside from fashion statement, your sunglasses should be protecting you from UV rays. Excessive exposure to UV radiation may lead to eye problems such as cataracts, burns, and cancer. Look for pairs that block 99% of UVB rays and at least 95% of UVA rays.

  • Lens Material. Sunglasses that can be easily scratched are useless. So choose lenses made from NXT polyurethane are impact-resistant, flexible, lightweight, and have great optical clarity. They are expensive but they're worth it.

  •  Consider Style. These are the 3 popular styles for womens sunglasses: Wayfarers (worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's), Aviators (teardrop-shaped lens with thin metal frames), and Oversized (movie star style). Choose a style which compliments your face shape.

  • Perfect Fit. Check if it's balanced and evenly distributed between your ears. It shouldn't fall off easily, it should not pinch around your head, and your eyelashes shouldn't touch the lenses. 

Stylish Ways to Wear Cardigans

Cardigans are very versatile and they never go out of style. If you're thinking of giving away or donating them to charity, read these tips to make your boring cardigan sweaters look interesting and trendy.

Consider cardigans as wardrobe staples for they tone down a dressy or bold outfit, great for layering, may look both casual and chic, for framing nice tops, and of course, for keeping yourself warm.

  • Wear cardigans in 2 ways: buttoned-up and unbuttoned. Go casual and let it hang loose flowing from both sides to show off a cute top or a bold necklace.
  • Long cardigans that go beyond the hips can be belted. You may choose to button-up the cardigan or let it hang loose from the sides then wear a belt.
  • Pin a brooch! Brooches work well with cardigans with vintage or classic styles. And, you may use brooches to close cardigans that don't have buttons.
  • Pair it with a skirt. Ruffled, tiered, and pencil cuts are the best bets. Wear it over the skirt or tuck it in.
  • Great for layering. Layer it with a turtleneck sweater, then add a beaded necklace for that boho chic look.
  • Shop for cardigans in different lengths and colors, fabrics and style and get a bunch of looks when you mix and match.

ghd Iconic Eras of Style

May 24, 2011

ghd's newest collection boasts of limited edition styling sets inspired by the 3 most influential eras of style: Glamour, Boho Chic, and New Wave. Katy Perry is the new face of ghd, showcasing these eras with her own stunning style. These are the new 2011 ghd straighteners available on

ghd Glamour Limited Edition
Create the 50s Glamour look, classic Hollywood style with captivating soft curls. The gift set contains everything you need to create that perfect 50s Glamour look - a heat resistant era inspired styler bag, two ghd sectioning clips, get-the-look book and the ghd Gold Classic styler.

ghd Boho Chic Limited Edition
Create a modern twist to the most classic of all styles with soft beachy waves, the 70s inspired Bohemian beauty. The gift set includes a heat resistant era inspired styler bag, two ghd sectioning clips, your very own get-the-look book and the ghd Gold Classic styler.

ghd New Wave Limited Edition
Revive the 80s and make your own fashion rules with gorgeous bouncy curls and bold colour blocking statements. You'll get a heat resistant era inspired styler bag, two ghd sectioning clips, your very own get-the-look book and the ghd Gold Classic styler when you purchase this set.

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