Featured Fashion: Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo is definitely one of Korea's pretty faces. She caught my attention in "Full House", a romantic comedy TV series which was aired 5 (or more) years ago here in the Philippines.

Song Hye Kyo stars with Rain in Full House.

Too much is never enough.

A cute sleeveless top with a butterfly print.

Love the top. Love the skirt.

I like her more in her plain and simple self.

Song Hye defines classic in black and white.

One fine day in Italy looking all-girly and cute!

I adore the purple heels!

Another sporty fashion shoot for Litmus brand.

Definitely one of her best looks ever! Cute cap!

Song Hye Kyo + Red trench coat = HOT!

Even if her hair is a mess, she still looks glamorous.


Song Hye Kyo sports a short, sophiscated bob.

In a preppy, rock goddess, pre-school teacher look!


Anonymous said…
You think her hair is messy in that picture? It's curly, and sexily blown back.
If I were to choose messy or tamed, I'll be choosing the word messy. Nevertheless, she still looks gorgeous.