Lady GaGa: On Fame & Fashion

Lady GaGa's fame skyrocketed after the release of her album "The Fame", followed by positive reviews from critics. Personally, I love her songs Poker Face, Just Dance, and Paparazzi.

Aside from her musical talent, let's see if she also rocks in the fashion world.

The new pop goddess says fashion is "everything".

She also mentioned that music - fashion - performance are correlated. When it comes to her fashion sense, she might have similarities with Christina Aguilera, but her main style icon is Donatella Versace.

Is is just me? Or are these three related by blood?

Live Performance on MuchOnDemand at MuchMusic (Toronto - Aug 20, 2008)
This is an interesting number.. Not so sure about the head wrap though.. But the colors are fine, primary goes well all together..

Lady GaGa arrived in a black ensemble at the Nokia 5800 launch party in London, England.
Her shoes are lovely! Oh but.. What's with the ribbon hairstyle?

She goes brunette.. and her legs are gorgeous!

Dress Like Lady GaGa!

  • a pair of killer heels
  • a pair of stockings
  • a daring one piece outfit

  • a pair of shades
  • a thick belt
  • straight, blonde locks

  • A pair of gloves
  • a strange head wrap (if that's what it's called!)
  • a fit leather top or bottom