Zipper Dress - Outfit for Recession?

Is the zipper dress really the perfect outfit in times of recession?

Well, now you've seen it and it actually exists.

The Zipper is made of 120 separate zips, handmade, by designer Sebastian Errazuriz from New York. From conceptualization down to the last zipper, he had in mind the very reason why he made the dress: To make it easier for women to keep up with the fast-changing fashion trends every season. Read more...

The zipper dress can be modified to an evening gown, a shirt, a skirt, a belt.. The possibilities are endless. The dress is also adjustable, so you don't have to worry about length and stuff.

What to love about this dress? It comes in one piece, but you can do more than one style.. Heck, maybe a hundred more! Use it as an emergency belt, a mini skirt, create a funky midriff top, or a sexy blouse with slits at the back (or in front, if your breasts are your asset). You can reconstruct, customize the dress to your own liking.. I mean, it's like taking full control of your wardrobe - but it's only one dress.

It gives the wearer a chance to have fun and be creative. I would love to see this dress mass-produced. I am personally amazed.

Maybe then I can actually face the reality with some of its flaws (which I am anticipating right at this moment): One zipper unzipping by itself, the zippers falling apart while you flirt with the hottest guy in a party, your tresses being caught up by a number of evil zippers....... Getting hurt, and worst, being told that you should at least buy a different color of the same dress you've been wearing over and over again. You know what I mean.

But, and another but, I think the zipper dress is still worth trying. Talk about practicality in times of economic crisis - If you can't afford to buy 20 pieces of outfit for the next season, I guess this one's the answer.

Subtlety, a strong sense of creativity, and self-confidence are all needed to be able to pull this off.


milai said…
love this. i think it's cute. and yeah it does require a lot of self confidence from the wearer. :)
raymanexe said…
Nice. Have you seen anyone wearing this. I love to see one. lol
i'm not sure if they'll be pushing through with the mass production.. but i hope they will.. :)

and they better make it affordable haha!