Anne Curtis & her stylish Jennifer Behr headband

Anne Curtis wears Jennifer Behr headband!

Last night while watching SNN, I caught a glimpse of Anne Curtis's Php35,000 worth headband. She jokingly told the press not to talk about it but she did anyway. It's a designer piece made of crystals by headpiece designer Jennifer Behr.

Anne wears the "Wide Encrusted on Satin Ribbon"
priced at US$625.00

Swarovski crystals are stitched to create a stunning effect.

These chic headbands were popularized by none other than the Queen B of Gossip Girl - Blair Waldorf. She's wearing the Double Row Crystal Scallop Headwrap in Gossip Girl Season 2: The Ex-Files.


lunaticg said…
No wonder that girl look familiar. Love to watch gossip girl.
i love gossip girl too.. glad that my friend introduced it to me.. :)
btw, i'll add you up in blogcatalog.. thanks lunaticg!
Becca said…
oooh, just luv Jennifer Behr's swarovski crystal one!
i love the headbands too.. the pieces are elegant.. but it's way expensive >_<
Emily said…
Love to watch gossip girl....
Jenn said…
WOW I'd like to wear that!!

Bradpetehoops said…
Awesome styles! Anne Curtis is so gorgeous.
Janine! said…
ka gwapa ni anne. so cute the hairband.!!