Bayo: Spring / Summer Collection 2009

Philippine Fashion Week 2008 unveiled Bayo's Spring / Summer Collection 2009. Dominant elements are colors gray & purple, stripes and plaids, stockings and black shoes, and scarves. Stylish yet classic!

Bayo, as a Filipino retailer, is proud of achieving loyalty from the Filipino people. Bayo tries to revolve around the different facets of a Filipina and how she evolves with time, but at the same time still maintaining her distinct cultural attributes.

FYI, "Bayo" is an Ilonggo term which means, “dress” in English. The owners of the clothing line are from Bacolod.

Photography: Ian Ong
Photo Credits:


shallow said…
i love bubbles! but i wonder how difficult this is to wear??? she looks as if she has been dipped in the laundry wash. seriously, very nice.
hi there shallow! yeah i thought the same too.. anyway thanks for visiting my blog! :D