Cassette Tape Tote Bag

With millions of mp3 files and tons of mp3 players available today, who would need a cassette tape?

I, too, have long forgotten my cassette tape collection at home. And I kind of miss them when I spotted this Cassette Tape Tote by Fred.

For only $15.00, you can own this funky bag and bring back the retro-classic look! It's very light and is made of full-color printed, flexible and durable plastic fiber. The handles even look like "the tape is unraveling" - COOL! Available at Girlz Lyfe.

For music enthusiasts, attach a Cassette Keychain by Fred -
because you know too much is not enough.

I heart this Maxell Cassette Necklace by Girlz Lyfe! Comes with a customizable chain at $14.00.

Grab them now at!