Diamond Dust for Stronger Nails!

Nail High Technology

Beauty products that include fancy gems and minerals are all the rage right now. They can range from lipsticks and body shimmers to nail products. In particular, diamond dust in nail polish and on nail files offer many advantages to regular nail products. It's not just the added sparkle to colors that sell these premium nail products. It's also about the inherent characteristics of diamond dust that make it an ideal ingredient in fine nail cosmetics products.

Putting Technology Into Beauty

It's obvious from the many industrial uses of diamonds, that they make great grinding wheels. They are used to cut through tough materials that other substances can't handle. The reason they make such great grinding stones is because they don't wear down as easily, since diamond is a very hard substance. Understanding the reasons why industries around the world use the precious gemstone for these purposes, it's not too far a stretch to put it on nail files too. In fact, the higher priced and longer lasting nail files use diamond dust to achieve the same effect on a simple beauty tool. They cost more money, but they are worth more as they can file very effectively and last a very, very, long time.

Adding Sparkle And Longevity

Along with the enduring quality of diamond dust, it also adds sparkle and shimmer to anything that includes it as an ingredient. The next logical step in creating nail beauty products is to add diamond dust to nail polish, where the sparkle adds shimmer to a variety of colors. The hardness of the diamond dust also makes the polish longer wearing than products that don't include diamond dust. The same properties that make diamonds ideal for grinding saws also help to protect nail enamel from chipping and breaking. This can strengthen your manicures and make them top notch!

Diamonds are forever.. Useful!

Photo Credits: abazias.com, nevertoomuchglitter.files.wordpress.com, www.harpersbazaar.com, www.magnamail.com.au


shallow said…
oops... did i post the diamond nails comment in the wrong entry?? sorry! happened again...
hi shallow! i don't know if these are available here, i'll research some nail product brands that have diamond dust content.. :D
Chan said…
Good product. My favorite diamond