Katy Perry's Crazy Style

Katy Perry is one fearless woman when it comes to music and fashion. She rarely misses in singing, but on the latter she definitely does. Go check out her wildest styles!

I wonder what she's thinking...

Looking all pink (except for the green shoes) at a Fashion Rocks party.

Peach Princess? Not cool.

Katy tries to imitate her panda outfit!

Katy is Obama's number one fan.

Ms. Hello Kitty Perry!

"I'm hot and I'm cold.. I'm yes then I'm no.. I'm in and I'm out.."

One singing fruit fairy!

This bizarre outfit of hers never fails to get attention.

This is what happens when you can't choose between a dress and a suit.

Katy dreams to become a Christmas Tree.

Don't worry Katy, we too are dumbfounded!

Proud to be a Las Vegas chick.


Anonymous said…
those are some weird outfits. hehehe