Flawless Skin Care Relaunch

"Less is More"

Flawless beauty and skin care clinic had its brand relaunch at the Blue Leaf Pavilion unveiling the company's new television commercial.

The TVC features their celebrity endorsers Judy Ann Santos, Lorna Tolentino, Yasmien Kurdi, Mark Herras, and Richard Gutierrez at their "most unguarded and natural moments", thus creating a "Less is More" way of thinking towards beauty.

The team behind the commercial is Thrillseekersfilm, an internationally renowned production company. GJ Bleechmore of Thrillseekersfilm directed the Flawless TVC, who's also known for working on feature films for Madonna - Truth or Dare, music videos for Janet Jackson, Elton John, and Rolling Stones.

Also highlighted in the relaunch is the latest addition to their list of skincare breakthroughs and technologies: PhotoGen.

PhotoGen is a multi-therapy treatment from Europe for the face and body which combines radiofrequency and phototherapy. The procedure treats skin pigmentation, acne scars, wrinkles, and cellulite while providing skin tightening and firming, body-sculpting, skin hydration and anti-aging.

For 8 years, Flawless has been providing superior beauty solutions and aesthetic services at affordable prices - and is promising to continue giving professional face, body, and medical services across all market segments.

Visit their website at flawless.ph
or click here - Flawless - to find a clinic near you!

Contact number: 1-800-FLAWLES (3529537)


Acnehorror said…
I think that you’re using too much stuff. It’s irritating your skin, causing you to break out in red blotches. Just use the cleanser, and do it twice a day.