Maternity Jeans for Expectant Moms

Jeans for maternity? Why not!

If you're a certified denim addict and an expectant mom at the same time, you definitely would want to purchase a pair (or even pairs!) of maternity jeans. I got mine at a department store last month from Additions maternity line for a thousand bucks (PhP) or USD $20.00.

Maternity jeans must be made of super stretch fabric, otherwise you can't wear it when you've gain some pounds throughout your pregnancy. They must also have a soft, thick elastic band just right on the hips so you and your little one would still be comfortable when your tummy's got larger.

If you want to feel extra sexy while you're pregnant, opt for designer maternity jeans. Just make sure you can wear it even after your pregnancy, or else it will just be another useless piece in your closet.

Jennifer Garner pregnant with her second child wearing Citizens maternity jeans.