Skin City by Johnson's Body Care

Johnson's Body Care in partnership with Preview magazine, have chosen six talented Filipino designers "to showcase the most romantic frocks, inspired by nothing but soft skin."

These dresses were also seen on the runway in Johnson's Body Care Product Launch Party last August 7, 2009. They come in white, blush, and nude colors to fully celebrate women's beautiful skin.

"Skin City"

"I came up with this creation to showcase the legs. As a designer, knowing what I want to emphasize dictates the cut, details, and most importantly, the color of the dress I'm working on. These creations make that much-desired body part stand out." - Mel Orlina

Left Dress (Php 14,000) and right dress (Php 15,000) - order from Mel Orlina (09065602225)

"I wanted my design to have that clean, polished look that goes well with having clear skin. The female form forever mystifies me, and it shows well in this creation. The soft curves surrounding the cleavage definitely inspired this specific outfit." - Rosanna Ocampo

Left dress (Php 14,000) and right dress (Php 8,000) - order from Rosanna Ocampo (09175342024)

"The gentleness, softness, freshness, and smoothness of skin inspired me to design these dresses. Delicate, soft, and sheer fabrics were used to showcase skin with cutouts. With these pieces being light and flowy, their nude colors make them beautifully soft and fluid." - Debbie Co

Left dress (Php 15,000) and right dress (Php 18,500) - order from Debbie Co (09178334476)

"With this creation, I played with the softness of the fabric to highlight the sexiest part of every woman's body: the waist. The color of the fabric also plays up the luminescence of the skin, so the models' soft, supple skin truly shines." - Czarina Villa

Left dress (Php 9,000) and right dress (Php 8,500) - order from Czarina Villa (09178553180)

"The models' smooth, glowing skin definitely stands out and can be displayed proudly as seen here in our creations. We designed these dresses with bare backs and shoulders to give more emphasis to the skin in those areas." - Choc and Yvette Religioso

Left dress (Php 15,000) and right dress (Php 15,000) - order from Religioso (09175350587)

Disclaimer: These photos were originally featured in Preview magazine, August 2009 issue.