Protect your Gadgets in Style with GelaSkins

These are probably one of the best skins you can get for your gadgets!

What are Gelaskins? These are removable covers for protecting and customizing your portable devices. These skins have an easy on, easy off feature - meaning you can reposition and reapply the skin as many times as possible without losing its "stickiness" and at the same time leaving no residue behind.

Stunning, photo-quality graphics are printed onto the skins designed by artists of different genre from around the globe. They have a huge gallery of skins for your iPods, phones, laptops, and gaming devices. Gelaskins have even collaborated with Tokidoki, Dark Horse Comics, Charity: Water, and Upper Playground to make additions to their amazing range of skins.

"Inferno" Tokidoki design collaboration for iPhones!

Skin for Sony PSP - "Scissors and Butterfly"

"Bookshelf" skin design for Nintendo DS Lite

Skin Quality - I've read a lot of reviews for Gelaskins and so far most of their buyers are satisfied. The quality of the skins are top-notch with its durable anti-scratch and anti-UV coating and also, the advanced 3M adhesive contains patented micro-channels that prevents air bubbles from forming and allows for easy application.

"The Magician's Assistant"
skin for Apple MacBook Pro

Relive the old days with this Boombox II skin for iPod Touch

I'd love to see my iPod Nano 4th Generation be covered in this Lawrence Yang artwork- "Growth". I gotta check out who's selling Gelaskins in or maybe order from their website if there's no luck.


Breast said…
I love your blog!
Thanks for sharing it!
Sunkissed Siren said…
Where can I get the gelaskin? I want it for my Nintedo DS
Hi Sunkissed Siren! You can order Gelaskins online at What country are you in?
psp skins said…
These skins are very cute, I am in love with these.