Gucci Rush 2 by Gucci

I have been using this perfume since college and whenever I'll switch to another I kind of miss it - so I don't really plan of changing my choice of Scent.

Gucci Rush 2 by Gucci complements its first version, Gucci Rush by Gucci. It was concocted by Michel Almairac of the Robertet company and was able to create a fresh, flowery and woody scent which opens on an accord of rose, freesia, musk, palm tree, oakmoss and narcissus.

This perfume has a great smell, and it draws you lots of compliments. Before, I only wear it during special occasions but I quickly missed wearing it everyday so I put on a light spritz in the morning on my wrists and distribute it to the back of my knees, behind my ears, and on the base of my throat. I also re-apply it on special evenings after work.

Gucci Rush 2 in 2.5 oz normally costs $40 to 60$.