Style Your Virtual Doll at Looklet

Having a hard time choosing your next outfit?, a free fashion website, lets you create new looks using your personal sense of style.

Looklet allows every fashionista in the planet to dress up different models from their ever-growing wardrobe. Keeping up on fashion trends and showcasing women's clothing and apparel, Looklet is your virtual fashion bestfriend.

Change the facial expressions of the models to better suit the mood and choose from a wide range of sets and effects to start off your design. Apparels are also customisable - you can choose to wear a jacket buttoned up or loose. You can layer blouses and jackets and tanks. You can also decide on what apparel goes on top of another. Pretty cool huh?

Sign up at and be recognized among fashionistas around the world that you've got what it takes to be included in the world of fashion.

Here are some samples of my looks. Most of my styles are classy and laid-back, and neutral colors are evident in almost all of my looks.