Top 10 Unique Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Halloween is just around the corner. Have you decided what to wear yet? Witches, lady devils, and vampires are the most popular choices, but why not try a different one this year? You can dress like a mafia princess, a corpse bride, or choose from Charles Dickens gown Halloween costumes.

I had fun searching for one of a kind costumes and I'm sharing 10 unique ones from that will make you an eye candy for Halloween events.

Enchanting Cleopatra
Capture the hearts of the people and rule with beauty in this timeless Cleopatra costume. Gold trims and jewels completed the elegant look.

Lady Luck
It's all about the money, honey! The green dress, a 4 leaf clover, dollar boa, horseshoe, several rabbit feet, and off-shoulder dice only prove that luck is on your side.

Cute Clown
Be sexy and sassy and sustain a hearty smile in this polka dot mini dress with cute button puffs. Don't forget the wig and the red lipstick!

Harem Seductress
Dance your way to the crowd and seduce them all with this gorgeous costume. Deep blue green top and sheer pants, embellished with gold contrast trim, draped jewels, and veils - how sexy is that?

Tattooed Gal
This costume will catch everybody's attention with its screen printed faux tattoos all over. Pair with a wig and grab a macho biker for that tough entrance!

Glamorous Peacock
Show them who's the most beautiful in the animal kingdom by wearing this a peacock costume. Add lots of peacock feathers to make it more "cocky".

Voodoo Priestess
The fate of everybody is in your hands because you're a voodoo priestess. The red dress with slits and skull accents will guarantee you a fun filled Halloween curse.

Gypsy Goddess
Your night will be destined to be charmed with this fortune teller costume. Complete with an off-shoulder top, wide belt, layered skirt, and bandana top - you can easily predict fun Halloween.

Tokyo Pop Princess
Conquer the Orient with this modernized kimono. Add chopsticks in your hair and do your make-up the Japanese way and you're off to be on the limelight.