10 Tips on How To Start a Clothing Line

Are you once a little girl who dreamed of becoming the next Coco Chanel? Well nowadays, you can easily put up your own fashion business with the help of modern resources regardless of the cut-throat competition in the fashion industry. You might not end up being a world famous designer but you can at least fulfill your passion in your town. I'll be discussing some tips on how you can start a clothing line, and hopefully succeed in the end.

Tip #1: Branding. Choose a name which represents you now and what you envisioned to be in the future. Choose a common name and you'll confuse your customers, choose an overly unique name and be totally forgotten. Also, come up with an award-winning logo and a well thought of tagline.

Tip #2: Make a business plan. Organize your thoughts, as well as your designs. Decide whether you'll have your clothing line in brick and mortar, online, or both. If you're still in the concept making stage, better write down all your ideas, including your vision-mission. Also include your first collection sketches.

Tip #3: Take advantage of the awesome technology available today. There are numerous fashion design softwares that you can buy online or download for free to better improve your designing skills. You can also interact & share insights with budding fashion designers and entrepreneurs online through social media sites and forums. There are also reliable inventory softwares and a file sync software* to synchronize your files and design creations, helping your business to operate smoothly. Take new inspirations from millions of clothes and apparel you can browse in Google. I also suggest that you purchase a domain for your business and make it known online.

*MoleskinSoft is a folder and file synchronization software which will help you define distinctions between two folders, folder synchronizations between laptops and desktops, and computers and networks, and copy only the files you don’t have on the working PC from another's computer on flash. Works on Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and others.

Tip #4: Know your target market. Are you designing clothes for teens or for moms-to-be? What particular clothing are you going to design - tees, gowns, sportswear? What "class" of people are you going to cater to? These questions must have clear answers.

Tip #5: Do not forget the business legalities. Of course you can't start a business without it being registered. You'll have to deal with taxes, permits, licenses and bookkeeping.

Tip #6: If you're going to put up a store, location is one important aspect. As much as possible, the location of your business should be crowded with people. Your shop must be inviting, well-lighted and ventilated. Don't forget that your store concept must be tied up with your products.

Tip #7: Think of out-of-the-box marketing strategies. Flyers and banners are so last decade. You must be able to think creatively on how to sell your stuff, and think of a way on how to make people come back for more.

You might want to make a Fan Page in Facebook for your business and update your fans and loyal buyers on promos and news.

Tip #8:
Find connections. Your close friends will probably be your first and loyal customers. Ask them to help you promote your business to their networks and friends.

Tip #9: Obtain funds for your capital. Try to apply for a business loan, save up moolah from your own salary, or borrow capital from your family or friends. This is easier said than done, so better be patient and driven.

Tip #10: Find reliable suppliers for your resources. You should know where to get your raw materials before starting your business. Lack in supply means lack in items to sell, which results to lower income. Communication lines must be open, and your agreements must be written in paper, and signed.


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