Corazon Aquino Commemorative Watch by Philip Stein

Many Filipinos and admirers from around the world were in pain for Corazon "Cory" Aquino's recent death. Yellow ribbons were seen everywhere - a sign of tribute to a great leader and loving mother. She is a symbol of purity for her peacemaking efforts, a symbol of courage when she fought with cancer, and a symbol of love to all her family and friends.

As a tribute to her, Philip Stein has come out with a special limited edition watch in her honor. You can own one for Php 53,000.00.

Her daughter, Kris Aquino, is an endorser of Philip Stein watches and this time she speaks about this limited edition Corazon Aquino Commemorative Watch. Philip Stein took its cue from Cory's signature color - yellow. It features "a yellow ribbon on the dial and a yellow lizard leather strap". Engraved on the caseback is the phrase “A Tribute to the 11th President of the Philippines Corazon C. Aquino—Mother of Democracy” and the number "11" is highlighted in yellow on the clock face as well. Protecting the dial is a sapphire scratch proof glass.

It also has a dual time feature which allows the wearer to keep track of another time zone easily. And of course, inside the watch is Philip Stein’s world-renowned frequency disk which recreates the earth’s natural frequency, thus giving health benefits to the wearer. When watch is used regularly, it promotes a relaxed lifestyle with better sleep, clearer focus, and better concentration - making the wearer more healthy and resilient to stress.

Only 1,011 pieces of the Philip Stein Corazon C. Aquino Commemorative Watch have been made. They are available at Lucerne, Chronos and Philip Stein boutiques.