Havaianas Bags - The Newest Fashion Must-Hav

The Newest Addition to the Havaianas Family

Havaianas, the popular brand of chic rubber slippers, now takes on a new inspiration creating the perfect match for your favorite flip-flops - the Havaianas Bags.

Havaianas flip flops DNA has been integrated into each Havaianas bag: the same rainbow colors as the flip-flops’ palette, the rice pattern on the soles, the durability of the rubber elements that provide sturdy bases, the Greek pattern on the straps, and the round rubber buttons used to keep the flip-flops’ soles and straps together can also be found detailing the bags.

These bags are both fashionable and functional. Here's the full bag collection available in the Philippines. You can buy your Havaianas bags at All Flip Flops stores.

Havaianas Tote - simple yet functional tote bag to secure all your essentials (also available in yellow and light blue)

Havaianas Mega LO - a fashionable handbag that adds a punch of color to any outfit (also available in light green)

Havaianas Side - a messenger sling bag for fashionable individuals who value ease and functionality (also available in black and brown)

Havaianas Mega Printed - the perfect bag with intricate flower print for the multi-faceted modern woman with an eye for style (also available in light blue and brown color duo)

Havaianas Zip G - a basic bag with wide open sides and numerous pockets, you can put skateboards, yoga mats, jackets, and even puppies inside (also available in black and navy blue)

Havaianas Mega NS - the vertical version of the Havaianas Mega LO (also available in black)

Havaianas Sack - a durable carry-all with a detachable rubber strap that you can mix and match to suit your mood and style (also available in orange, light blue, black, pink, brown, gray, navy blue and lawn green)

Havaianas Zip P - another version from the Havaianas Zip family (also available in red and pink)

Photo Credits: kikaycorner.net, havaianasphilippines.com


KC said…
I'm in love with these bags! :) Great post!