How to Buy Clothes for your Guy

How to Buy Clothes for Men

Buying clothes for your man can be really tricky. Unlike women's fashion instincts, some guys may react differently when given clothing as a gift.

I've given my husband a few T-shirts and fortunately he liked them all. At first I was clueless about Mens Wear Shopping but keeping in mind some guidelines made me feel confident in choosing what clothes to buy for him.

  • Size - Become aware of the sizes of his favorite shirts and pants. If you're going to buy denim jeans, it's a plus to know his waistline but do consider the fact that different stores offer different sizes for a size 33 pants. Also consider if your boyfriend or husband tends to favor a looser or tighter fit.
  • Brand - Take note of his favorite brands. Chances are that he will appreciate the familiarity of styles and fabrics more. Also, if your guy is brand-conscious don't forget to take some extra cash with you.
  • Color - What colors are dominant in his wardrobe? That should give you a hint. Does he prefer dark or light colors? Is blue his more favored hue than orange? My husband never wears pink so I know he'll never forgive me if ever I buy him a pink polo shirt.
  • Opinions - They say that guys think alike - well almost. Ask opinions and suggestions from your dad, your brother, a guy friend, or even the salesman at the store before purchasing an item. Sure you can ask for a replacement or a refund, but you'll be doomed if that store has a no return, no exchange policy.
  • Style - Is your guy more of a boy-next-door, a budding painter, or a frustrated rocker? You should know well his style and personality. You'll get the perfect gift if you know him from head to foot.
  • Occasion - If you're buying him a piece of clothing for a specific special occasion, go straight to specialized shops for tux, neckties, etc. then consider all of the tips above.

Don't wait for him to raise an eyebrow on you for an outfit you gave which he doesn't approve of. Practice buying clothes for him now and you'll be rewarded with hugs and kisses instead.


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Jen Adams Juan said…
This is a first! I will surely use these tips especially come Christmas time. My hubby will be delighted. :-) Thanks!