Unarosa's Holiday Collection 2009

Unarosa's Holiday Collection for 2009 inspiration is all about the 80's trend. Boyfriend jackets, bold shoulders, shiny trousers - all made to relive the 80's fashion with a modern, classier look.

Neutral colors like gray, black, and white dominate the collection. With reasonable prices ranging from Php 665 for a basic top and a cocktail dress for Php1,590, pieces from Unarosa's holiday collection are must-haves in your closet this season.

80's Glam
An oversized off shoulder shirt and shiny tights complete the 80's look.

Classic Contrast
The masculine structure is styled with the classic shift dress. The feminine figure is draped with the jacket, giving the legs extra mileage for show.

Peaked Shoulders
The bold shoulder is emphasized with a bare neck. This look will get heads turning.

Modern Victorian
Define the torso, cinch the waist and boost the bosom with the modern corset. The bustier is layered over a white button down shirt, heightening the female figure.

Cold Shoulder
The classic shift is updated in this season's trend. The fabrication of this faux snakeskin gives this look an extra boost.

Power Layering
A sexy high waist matched with a woven shirt draped with a knit vest completes the look. Power layering spells corporate chic this season.

Curvy Duo
This is a classic 80's look. A loose top tucked neatly into a skinny trouser. This combination is both elegant and sexy.

For Unarosa's list of stores, click here: Unarosa Philippines


Lung-cancer said…
That looks great! Thank you for such an amazing collection.
Lung-cancer said…
That looks great! Thank you for such an amazing collection.