Clean & Clear Oil-free Holiday Kits

Say NO to oily & blemished skin this holiday season with these Clean & Clear beautifying kits!

With the hassle of holiday shopping and the change in temperature during Christmas season, women tend to have oilier skin. This is why products that help manage oil production and prevent shiny, blemished faces should be included in the shopping list.

Luckily, Clean & Clear have two special product bundles to keep skin oil-free and unblemished with pimples.

Clean & Clear's Pimple Clearing Kit

The kit contains CLEAN & CLEAR® Active Clear™ Pimple Clearing Cleanser that helps clear pimples and gently soothes irritated skin and the CLEAN & CLEAR® Oil Control Film at 50% off! The all-time favorite oil blotter instantly removes excess oil and shine from the face. It can be used anytime, anywhere throughout the day as it doesn’t smudge make-up. (Php 133.50)

Clean & Clear’s Clear Fair Glow Kit

For those who suffer from acne and have dull skin, this kit is for you! It contains one CLEAN & CLEAR® Clear Fairness Cleanser and CLEAN & CLEAR® Oil Control Film also at half-price. The Clear Fairness Cleanser has a unique whitening Vitamin C Beads Formula that effectively lightens skin, making it fair and radiant. Its oil-free and non-drying formulation makes it ideal for everyday use. (Php 186.50)

Promo runs until December 31, 2009 only.


Thecancer said…
This stuff is awesome.rnI havent used it for long and my face looks even better than it already does lol.
Acne treatment said…
Hi, Know about acne washes that are really useful...