Tube Flops - Hot or Not?

Tube Flops - Not Your Average Flip Flops!

Aside from the Oscars, do you know what's been buzzing around the fashion world this season?

Tube Flops. Tube Flops are flip flops with tube socks or leg warmers attached. Women who love to experiment on their style will definitely be excited for these.

Sanuk, a brand known for comfortable and stylish sandals, introduced their TubeFlops with 8 available designs/colors and in 5 different lengths (6-10 inches). Each pair costs USD $30.00 or roughly Php 1,300.00.

I don't think everyone can pull this off. I mean, seriously, the first time I saw these slippers with built-in warmers I find them weird for my taste. Again, fashion goes with personal style. If you're not comfortable and if you think you can't carry this look well, do not consider buying.

But, if you think they're cool enough to grace your closet and they go well with your outfits, why not? Go ahead, run to the nearest Sanuk outlet, try them on, pick what color you can imagine yourself wearing often, decide a certain length which flatters your legs the most, and purchase a pair without hesitation.

Of course, Tube Flops would look awesome on models because they have been blessed with loooooong legs. Do not be fooled; it is still best to try them on before purchasing them online.

Unfortunately, this is yet another fad. Fads, as we know, fizzle out fast. After the tube flops trend fever is over and you're unsure if it's still cool to wear them in public, save them during cold summer nights at the beach or in one of your future private getaways, and even in photo shoots and costume parties. Be creative enough so that you get the most out of what you paid for.

My Best bets:
  • pair with short shorts and mini skirts
  • safest colors: black and silver

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I love to see my 3-year old sister wearing them, especially the pink one. She loves walking around the house on bare feet and gets her legs bitten by mosquitoes so I think these are perfect for her. Kids version will be way too cool. Hopefully soon.


Chique said…
Yay Shaneys! I also bought one of those last December. Yung pink :) I loved wearing them kaso summer na ngayon, mainit na haha!
Patingin ng pic hehe.. I'm not sure if I can carry this well kaya hesitant ako bumili :p
buhayprinsesa said…
I can't wear it na since its already summer. Ako naman kasi, i'm always wearing shorts and skirts kaya madali lang i pair :P

Sige papa picture ako! Haha!
Roxy sadals uk said…
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