Lady Gaga's Fashion-Forward Headpieces

What do you think of Lady Gaga's hats?

Move over Blair Waldorf 'cause when it comes to wearing headpieces, Lady Gaga is the Queen of 'em all. From weird hairstyles and hats to enormous headgears, lady Gaga has proven to the world that a bad hair day can be a very, very interesting one. Cheers to her fashion-forward and out-of-this-world headpieces!

Antelope horns? I wonder how she managed to carry the weight of this outrageous piece.

Her hair looked like a giant cotton candy!

Lady Gaga aka Davey Jones' lost sister!

Even Ursula, the ocean witch, can never pull this off. Only Gaga can!

What's more interesting than a gigantic black flower on your head?

Electrifying performances needs an electrifying outfit.

Lady Gaga's hats went for a vacation so she made a hat out of her hair instead.

Gaga turns to a bloody red drama with a red crown that looks like a lethal weapon.

Alien? Dinosaur? Both? Guess which!


raymanexe said…
total weirdness. lol. love it!
she's the only one who can pull off these hats :)
Mia said…
Lady Gaga's a Godess! HAHA!
She's one of the few people who can walk around with these kinds of outfits without looking too trying hard.
i agree to that mia, only lady gaga can! :)