National Artist Jose Garcia Villa for Freeway


It's Freeway's third take on National Artist Collectors' Series and this time, works from another National Artist for Literature will be featured in a collection which includes graphic tees, leggings, outerwear, woven tops, tote bags, and clutches.

Jose Garcia Villa is known for his "comma poems" and his collection of short stories. He used Doveglion (short for Dove, Eagle and Lion) as a pen name and in 2008, a centennial edition of Villa's collected poetry had been published after this name. He was a Filipino poet, literary critic, short story writer, and painter, and was hailed Philippine National Artist in 1973.

Freeway proudly features some of his well known works - When One Cannot Run Runs, Poem for Violeta, Elegy for the Airplane, and other poems written in Filipino. His sketches will be featured as well using high-technology printing and colorfully creative graphic works and layouts.


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