Human Nature’s All Natural Feminine Wash

Go ALL NATURAL from head to foot and in betweens with Human Heart Nature organic products. This time, they've come up with an all natural feminine wash with aloe leaf extract and chamomile essential oil (anti-bacterial, soothing, calming and aromatic benefits), coconut and sunflower oils (natural cleansing agents), and rice and anise extracts (natural preservatives).

  • ALL NATURAL feminine wash is available in the Philippine market at an affordable price –starting at Php54.75
  • 100% natural giving you pH-balanced feminine care to gently cleanse and freshen you without irritating your sensitive skin
  • Triclosan-free, paraben-free, parfum-free, SLS/SLES-free and propylene glycol-free

QUALITY Comes First!
Human Nature believes very strongly that natural products are far safer than chemical products and that safety should be affordable for everyone. But traditionally, natural products are far more expensive than the regular chemical offerings. But with its new 100% natural feminine wash, Human Nature has well and truly put its money where its mouth is! Despite the natural ingredients costing far more than cheap chemicals, Human Nature has kept the price to a very affordable P54.75 for a 50ml bottle.

Many chemical fem washes use parabens as preservatives, chemicals which are banned in some countries since studies have shown they can cause irritation and are even linked to breast cancer. Parabens can cost less than P200 per kilo for manufacturers. Human Nature on the other hand, uses Anisic acid from Anise as a preservative, which costs P5,000+ per kilo. Many fem washes contain synthetic fragrances, which cost as little as P500+ per kilo but have been linked to irritation, hormone disruption, reproductive problems and other health issues. Human Nature has chosen pure Chamomile Oil, which costs them over P10,000 per kilo. Meanwhile, many fem washes use SLS as cleansing agents, which has also been linked to irritation and environmental damage. SLS costs as little as P75 per kilo, but Human Nature has given their customers sodium cocoyl isethionate, decyl glucoside and other natural cleansers which cost P250-400+ per kilo.

So you see, good things don’t come cheap, unless of course, they come from Human Nature. Because at Human Nature, they are true to their word –100% No harmful chemicals, 100% affordable.