Jeggings: Half Jeans, Half Leggings

If you're not a fan of wearing tights or leggings due to their thin fabric or you simply want a new "jeans" experience, try Jeggings!

Jeggings became popular in 2009, when Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton were seen strutting a couple of pairs. Jeggings may look like a pair of skinny jeans, but they are made with a lighter material, a type of nylon named nylon PV1.

I think that maternity jeans use the same material as jeggings. They also have faux zip-flies and pockets, and elastic waistbands with no pockets.

Tips on wearing Jeggings:
  • Find a pair you're comfortable with - do not purchase a pair if you have slight hesitations.
  • Following the rules in women's clothing, pick a dark colored pair which would simply go with everything.
  • Long sweaters and tees are best bets.
  • Get accessories from

Here in the Philippines, you can buy jeggings at 168 Divisoria Mall, Topshop, Freego, Marks & Spencer, Landmark Department Store, and Bench.

Marble Bleach Jeggings from Topshop

Over Dyed Indigo Jeggings from Topshop

Bleach Knitted Jeggings from Topshop


Josephine said…
In New York, the jegging has a presence but it is mainly for women with very slim shapes.