Wrangler Fall/Winter 2010 Collection - Wild at Heart!

Wrangler, being one of the three biggest denim brands with a hundred years of denim heritage, is now bringing the spirit of personalization, DIY mentality, and spirit of independence in its newest collection - Wrangler "Wild at Heart" Fall/Winter Collection.

Founded in 1909, Wrangler is firstly named Blue Bell and rooted as a workwear company specializing in Overalls, and renamed as Wrangler in 1947 which means “Worker” and has delivered denim innovation and authentic craftsmanship devoting to denim history.

The "Wild at Heart" concept was taken from Kustom Kulture, an American subculture from the 50s to 70s.
The campaign shoot took place at an urban car yard and the gas station, which set a perfect stage to showcase the brand’s genuine identity.

In the photos below you'll see a Wrangler couple searching for parts for their old Chevy everywhere and after that, they bring along the parts they needed and working intensely in their workshop trying to fix the vehicle on their own, together with the typical hair style, turn up jeans and customized vehicles.

Delivery One – Thrill of Speed, motor racing inspiration: twin stripes, the snakehead customization as artistry: contrasts and craftsmanship Americana: fast and furious.

Delivery Two – Engraved Life, engraving is the major theme. Self expression etched into a garment as wisdom lines of face. The lived-in look. The wandering spirit.

Delivery Three - Working Heroes, an object of strength: robust, warm, reliable and ready for action. Heavy construction. Purpose and nobility. Burnt tones, dirty washed. Courage under fire.

Check out the Wrangler fall/winter 2010 collections at Wrangler stores.

For more information about Wrangler, please visit www.wrangler-ap.com


healy said…
the models is breath-taking from head to toe. Love the stuff!cool