Prom Dress Tips for Plus Size Gals

Who says that plus size girls aren't worthy of taking home the crown as the prom queen? Well, although slim girls have the advantage of taking the spotlight, it doesn't mean full-figured girls should just sit in a corner and hide. There are tons of plus size clothes and prom dresses for them to choose from.

To dazzle like a "big" star, consider these tips when you're shopping for the perfect prom dress.

  • Attitude counts. Be patient when searching for your dream prom dress. Never get frustrated at the first prom dress you put on. Just move on and keep your hopes up. If you're not in the right mood, I suggest you don't go shopping at all.
  • Search, search, and search. There are so many places where you can find plus size dresses: the nearby boutiques, shopping mall on the highway, vintage shops, and even online stores.
  • Don't think too much of the price tag. Remember, if you feel great wearing the dress and you can afford it, buy it at once. If you're worrying too much about money, save up some bucks at least 6 months before the prom.
  • Get inspiration - from magazines and on the Internet. There are millions of styles you can choose from. Compile them all and choose the best 5.
  • Customized dress. Yes, you can design your own prom dress and let your dressmaker do his/her magic. Good thing about this is you'll have a dress that perfectly fits your figure. If you purchased a dress, you can always deliver it to the dressmaker to make some adjustments and alterations.
  • Ask help. You may ask your friends and family to make an honest opinion of your assets and flaws. Find a dress that can highlight your assets and hide your flaws. Let them suggest what looks great on you and what's not.
  • Confidence is key. In order to look gorgeous, you need to think positively that you're a beautiful gem in the crowd. Show them the "plus" factor.
  • Opt for slimming styles like mermaid skirts, gowns with fitted waists, and dark colors. I don't actually recommend this much, only for those who want to look slimmer. In fact, I want each and every voluptuous girl to feel happy with her body, so go wear whatever you want!