Swarovski Elements in German Vogue

Bold and brilliant Swarovski Elements are featured in Vogue (German Edition). These photos dazzle with perfection.

"Swarovski Elements is the premium brand for the finest crystal elements manufactured by Swarovski. The designers' choice since the founding of the company in 1895, Swarovski Elements provides creative talents from the fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design and lighting industries with the latest on-trend innovations."

Mask from Boutique Bizarre, beautified with Swarovski Elements. Around her neck, ornamental headdress by Alberto Rodriguez, embellished with Swarovski Elements and a chain (unique) Swarovski Elements design. Bracelets from the current SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ collection.

Along with the expensively-staged headdress made with Swarovski Elements, she wears an elegant couture dress by Kilian Kerner, on the shoulders of which Swarovski Elements create sparkling highlights. Mask from Boutique Bizarre, adorned with Swarovski Elements.

Like a dream from 1001 Arabian Nights. The hauntingly beautiful silk dress enchants with oriental embroidery glittering with thousands of Swarovski Elements. A creation by the Arabian luxury label Kanzi for the Swarovski Elements project “Jawaher”. 

The elegant ornamental headdress from the exclusive Crystal Obsession collection is one of a kind. She is also wearing a top by Dawid Tomaszewski, studded with Swarovski Elements. Striking ring made by Nikolas Frangos with Swarovski Elements, Jayde earrings by Melissa Kandiyoti, available at SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™.

Under the corsage by Hubert Barrere, she wears a transparent blouse by Dawid Tomaszewski. Swarovski Elements lend both a remarkable sophistication. Eyelashes decorated with extraordinary lashes by Eylure embellished with Swarovski Elements. Opulent necklaces by Philippe Ferrandis, available at SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ (http://www.swarovski-crystallized.com/), and an exclusive showpiece by Andy Farrow made with Swarovski Elements. Fatal Dress by Wolford.

Adorned with Swarovski Elements, the dress by Michael Michalsky is scintillating. Long necklace (unique) by Martine Wester; over it an opulent necklace by the British designer Krystal London; both made with Swarovski Elements. On her arms, she wears necklaces and bracelets made exclusively with Swarovski Elements by Simon Harrison and Swarovski Elements design (unique). Stretch bracelets by Philippe Audibert and mushroom ring from Crystal Evolution by R. Bella, available at SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™. 


MissKatv said…
stunning photos. I really like the last one. diamonds and crystals are girls are really bestfriend! :D followed you bwt. :D