Matching your Natural Beauty with your Clothes

Sure you’ve seen that other woman wear the dress you fell in love with, but does it suit you? Does it compliment your lovely locks or skin?

Fortunately it is pretty easy to learn and apply how to match your clothes with your personal colors. Choosing the right clothes is like finding a beautiful second skin that makes you stand out even better.
In this article we’ll help you combine your personal looks with your clothes.

Brunettes with brown hair and skin that´s not too dark will look best in soft earth tones like apricot, ivory,  beige and tans as well as golden yellows and violet blues.

Redish blonds and those with light auburn hair and light eyes should go with ivory, tan, light to medium browns, warm grays, as well as aqua, marine, and violet blues.

Rose-based colors like pinks, plums and mauves work best for lighter blondes with eyes of blue, gray or green eyes.

If you are a blond beauty with green or blue-green eyes, soft earth-like tones like browns, oranges, peaches and yellow-based greens are a must for the golden-hued among you.

Dark brown and black hair combined with dark eyes and a brown or olive skin can hold many inspirational colors like vivid red, blue and green and yellow as well as black and white will show off your stunning natural style.

For women blessed of being a true redhead, and auburn or coppery hair, choose golden tones in orange, camel, soft yellow greens, and muted golds.

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