Types of Leggings and How to Wear Them

Basic Cotton Leggings
These leggings offer a stretch cotton fit and they're very versatile (especially the long length leggings).They also come in cheaper prices. Buy ones in neutral colors like white, black, and grey. They can be worn and paired with almost anything in your closet but they tend to lose their original tightness in a few washes. They are best worn with casual outfits or when going to the gym.

Denim Leggings
They are also known as "jeggings" (jeans + leggings). They look like skinny jeans. They offer a sleek (and sexier) denim look. Wear them just like your jeans. Blue jeggings look cool and casual while jeggings in black looks a little dressed up.

Spanx Leggings
Spanx has leggings in the form of tights, pantyhose or hosiery. You can choose from varying styles such as High Waisted, Leg Support, Control Top, Back Seam and Footless. Spanx Leggings are designed to shape, smooth and refine the look of your legs. They're soft and stylish and help to slim your tummy hips and thighs.

Sweater Leggings
These leggings have fabrics that are thicker, making them perfect for winter. Layering up during cold months makes you comfy and fashionable at the same time. Invest in reds, oranges, or browns.

Lace Leggings
Lace leggings add feminine appeal. They add texture and a touch of sexiness to everything you wear them with. They can be worn during night outs and parties.

Tattered Leggings
Hollywood celebs have been spotted wearing these leggings, but only a few pulled them off. If you're a bit on the wild side, try these. You can create your own torn leggings with a pair of scissors and a crazy imagination.