Trend of the Season: Polka Dots

This winter, we’re in love with polka dots. They have a very geometric, yet vintage feel to them.  A touch of spots can be added to any outfit to transform your look. Polka dots work well for all times of the day, and depending on the size and the color, you can control the impact they make.

A button up polka dot blouse is perfect for winter. Try high contrast colors like bold white spots on black or go with muted earth tone colors for a subtle effect. Pair this top with high-waisted flares, cropped colored skinny jeans, or shorts layered with sheer leggings. We love this combination for the upcoming season.

Another way to incorporate polka dots is through a scarf. Adding a scarf to any outfit is an easy way to give your look some extra dimension and texture. Choose between uniform polka dots or ones of varying sizes to make a statement.

You can also showcase polka dots this season through a spotted bandeau. Try incorporating one under a sheer top or an oversized slouchy sweater to add a little extra personality to your layers.

A soft, flowy maxi skirt with polka dots is a feminine way to do polka dots. Top it off with a simple tee shirt and a vegan leather jacket to create more of a rugged effect, if desired.

There really is no right or wrong way to do polka dots this season. Whether you use them to mix multiple patterns or add them to a monochromatic outfit through an accessory, we hope you join us in experimenting with new takes on classic polka dots this winter.

This guest post was contributed by Free People, a top bohemian clothing boutique. For more style trends and inspiration, visit the Free People Bldg 25 blog