How to Bring Out Your Eye Color

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So you finally pampered your peepers and decided to get colored contacts, or you are just thinking about it, but haven't taken the first steps yet. Either way, it would be useful explore options for bringing the best out of your new assets. Someone once said that eyes are the highlight of one’s face, so wouldn’t it make sense to mold your wardrobe around your new color to make them pop? It could be intimidating, working with a brand new color you never had before, but with this little tutorial, it can be exciting and fun as well.

It is good to know that contrast is key, if you have an exciting new color, why wash it out by wearing the same shade in the majority of your clothing? Although you don’t have to completely cut out the color, it is helpful to have key pieces close to your face that contrast, but also compliment the new color of your eyes. 

The two sections directly across from your eye color are best for bringing out the new, rich hue.
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Remember the color wheel? This modified version of the original color wheel will be a useful diagram while finding good colors to compliment your new color. The color directly across from the shade you chose for your contacts are the most complimentary to bring out the hues in a way that will draw attention. With that being said, lets look into the clothing options and see how you can get some key pieces in your wardrobe to do the trick.

Don’t feel the need to scrap your wardrobe and start anew, this isn’t necessary. You can wear all of your favorite clothes and just add some new key pieces into the mix. A necklace here, a scarf there, a new handbag, all these things are good options. Try color coordinating your wardrobe so you can alternate between the hues suggested in the diagram, and compliment the new colors being brought in with some old favorites and go-to items in your closet. It will make the transition fun and easy, and a lot less intimidating. Lets look at some tips on how to wear these new hues on a daily basis.

Keep the accents close to your eyes, whether it be a scarf, a set of earrings, or a necklace.
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First off, remember to keep it close to your eyes. A good scarf or necklace will draw the eye right up to the face, and a more subtle approach would be a blouse or a handbag. Never drown yourself in an excess of any vivid color, and make sure to break up the color with a neutral tone like brown, grey, or black. If you aren’t one for bright colors, you can always pick a more earthy version of the complimentary color, it will do just as nicely. For example, instead of orange, try a burnt orange.

Using these tips you will help you get the most out of your new colored contacts. It is a fast and easy way to center a whole new look around your whole new eyes. Have fun with it, and if you are really bold, get multiple contact colors to experiment with. There are endless possibilities and new ways to approach your classic style that arise simply from changing your eye color, so why not go crazy with it?

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