2012 Fashion Predictions

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One would say that fashion goes in circles; it’s all the same stuff, a different year, different players. We know that, however environment around us changes our view on things, fashion included. If that is the case, it would then make sense how people who have the job to predict these fashions sometimes get it wrong. You see a look-book or a runway show from last season that makes your inner voice say, “What were they thinking?”

It happens, and like misguided predictions in the world of psychics, sometimes cannot be avoided. No one is omnipotent, surprisingly, not even Giorgio Armani. It is, however, useful (and fun!) to use these things we observe happening around us throughout the year and predict what it might do in the whirling world of fashion in the upcoming months.

This winter was an odd one, with crazy weather patterns and temperature fluctuations; spring is definitely leading people to embrace any warm weather they might receive. As if they are ushering in those crisp new feelings spring brings in, people will be prematurely wearing less clothes then necessary. This anxious and carefree energy will lead to high waist shorts, off the shoulder sweaters, and cutesy cardigans and blazers to be in. Textures will be exaggerated and lightweight, like silk, or breathable knits. Flowing maxi skirts will be everywhere, as these airy skirts make one feel more connected with the familiar weather patterns that spring and summer bring.

These lightweight fabrics and bohemian style pieces will bring people closer to thick, chunky, and perhaps vintage looking jewelry. Don't expect to see a lot of super bright colors until the super-hot moments of June and late July, when pastel and jewel toned items turn into electric colors coming out of the woodworks. Though not as harsh as last summer’s electric colors, you would see them played together with softer objects and neutral tones. All of this carries well into the middle of September.

Around the beginning of the cooler weather, fashion will turn to colors like burnt orange, cool and dark blues, browns, and deep greens. This is the transition into the more conservative styles that will come up for the winter. Mod and Victorian style outwear will make a reappearance, so as to bring back ideas of tradition and usher forward into a colder winter of deep colors and thick, durable textures. These will be contrasting to the lighter weight textures used often in the previous winter. Expect a lot of corduroy and wool.

2012 is all about new starts in the beginning, and ends in a firm rebuilding of tradition, unlike 2011, which was quite the opposite. Perhaps we will circle around again next year, perhaps we won’t. Who really knows anyway? Fashion is one of the most fickle ideas in our modern world and sometimes transcends even what a psychic can predict!

Photo Credits: stylebistro.com, fordmodelsfashion.com