Fashion Inspired by Video Game Characters

If you’re a fan of video games, you might dream of being just like your favorite characters. Whether it is a fierce fighter battling the forces of evil or a simple character working at saving the family farm, you could be more like them than you know. While you might not be able to quit your day job and hunt dragons like they do online, you do have the opportunity to, at the very least, dress like them. Instead of dressing for success or pawing the pages of some celebrity magazine to see what the stars are wearing this week, just take a look at your favorite video games instead. The virtual world has taken a step outside of its normal confines and crossed over into the real world of fashion. From pants to shoes to shirts and even accessories, you will find them all now being inspired by video game characters.

Final Fantasy Cosplay

When visualizing video game fashions, costumes might come to mind, but think again. Most of the fashion crossover is ready to wear for the average guy or gal on the go. Some of the trends being seen this season are head to toe outfits that any gamer would recognize. For example, you don’t need to sprout spikes or scales to emulate your favorite hedgehog. A pair of red shoes, a few gold rings, and a blue shirt will do the job. Throw in a red and white striped bag and a pair of white shorts and you’re ready for any real world challenge.

Elena Fisher from Uncharted 3


What is more important than the actual clothing style in these virtual to real world fashions is capturing the essence of the character. This goes beyond the surface of what you see and into who the character is as a person or being. The color story and textures are all important for the translation of character to fashion. If the character is saving the family farm, then overalls and a plaid shirt and a sturdy pair of shoes is all it takes to move fashion from the 2D to the 3D. On the other hand, if the character is a fierce warrior or a creature from another dimension, then the essence of that character becomes more important for the crossover to fashion. Regardless of which video games catch your fancy, you can find the fashions to help live your fantasy. The fashion industry is jumping onboard, and it is likely that you will be seeing more video game character inspired fashion coming your way soon on a runway near you.

Video game inspired fashion by Ann-Sofie Back

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