The Caviar Manicure

The caviar manicure is one of the hottest nail art trends today. It's called "caviar" because the tiny beads look like caviar, the expensive delicacy. The Caviar Nail Polish was created in London by Ciate, featuring pearlescent beads for a 3-dimensonal effect. You can purchase Ciate Caviar Manicure kits at Sephora. Visit your local bead store if you want a cheaper alternative of the microbeads.

Creating this nail art is easy, but kind of messy if you accidentally spill the caviar pearls. Apply a base color then carefully put the beads using a small funnel, pressing them firmly on top. There's no need to apply a top coat because it will make the colors of the beads run.

If you're a bit hesitant to try this on all your fingernails, try it on your index or ring finger. It will make an interesting manicure.

I must warn you though, that this one-of-a-kind nail art innovation only lasts for 48 hours. A few pearls will pop off within a few hours of application, making it not advisable for everyday use. Save it for special events where you want to make a bold, avant-garde statement.

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