Ipanema Blogger's Affair: GB Seeds Collection

Last Thursday night, me and my fashionista friend streetsmartchic attended yet another cool fashion event at Le Souffle, The Fort. It was a blogger's affair for the unveiling of the new Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Seeds Collection.

~ The Invitation ~


We arrived at the place at 7 PM, fortunately the event hasn't started yet. We were given press kits and gift certificates each. I traded my GC for a pair of New Fem Thong in Brown Bronze!

My GB Seeds name tag!

Ipanema goes echo-chic with GB Seeds Collection! These stylish flip-flops cares for Mother Earth - the forest-inspired prints, the small spiral emblem which symbolizes "the seed of life", and Ipanema's initiative to share a percentage of its sales revenues to various environmental foundations around the globe.

Food was great at Le Souffle! I haven't been paying much attention to people around me once I started eating. I wasn't even grossed out with the whole slippers-as-centerpiece thing, 'cause aside from the scrumptious food, the flip-flops in front of me were really gorgeous.

Mr. Francisco "Patxi" Elizalde, managing director of ELRO Commercial and Industrial Corporation, introduced the new Ipanema Collection and talked about their mission to help Haribon Foundation in its awareness campaign called "ROAD to 2020" through organizing a walkathon "Walk the Green Mile" to save the Philippine Rainforests.

Instead of the usual fashion show where models strut their stuff on the runway, a stylized ballet dance was poetically performed by the Philippine Ballet Theater group. And instead of wearing ballet shoes, they proved the audience that Ipanema GB Seeds Collection isn't only fashionable but also versatile.

It was a wonderful night of meeting new bloggers and friends, taking home freebies, and enjoying a whole new experience in fashion. :)

Check out all the flip-flop designs: Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Seeds Collection


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