Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Seeds Collection

Introducing the Ipanema GB Seeds Collection!

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen reveals her new collection of flip-flops, and in line with this is her campaign to save rainforests around the world.

Your every purchase of GB Seeds Collection will help restore & save the remaining natural forests. Proceeds will go to various environmental organizations to help them achieve their goals.

Check out the new Ipanema designs!
Grab a pair now at a store near you and show those green toes!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ New Thong Fem in beige gold, brown bronze, grey silver ~

~ Plataforma Fem in brown gold & white gold ~

~ Sand Fem in brown gold, green, & white gold ~

~ Thong Fem in brown bronze, red gold, & white ~

~ Thong Strap Ad in brown bronze & white ~

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milai said…

my blog will come out tom. he he he! thanks for the comment in my melancholic blog. my posts about ipanema are in my other blog though.

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nice pics!