Sassa Summer Collection 2009: Fashion Show

Summer heat is on, Heat up, chill out!

What: Sassa Summer Collection Preview
When: February 17, 2009
Where: Aquaknox Restaurant, Makati City

~ The Swimwear Fashion Show ~

After we've had a few cocktails and treats, host Eri Neeman announced the beginning of the much-awaited fashion show. This was followed by a short yet meaningful introductory speech given by Ms. Rossana Lammoglia Unson, the Marketing Manager of New Barbizon Fashion, Inc.

Sassa's designs radiate versatility, functionality, and comfort. So whether you're a teenager or in early twenties (or thirties), slim or a little heavy - Sassa definitely has something in store for you.

Sassa, being a proud local brand, managed to go up against overly expensive
swimsuit brands out there.

For women who are a little conservative, they have cool tankinis [tank top + bikini bottom] too.

(I received the same tankini from Sassa as a giveaway for attending the event.. Yei!)

Sassa apparel are reasonably priced - So you can be pretty without hurting your wallet!

From classic plains to flirty prints - they have a wide range
of swimwear selection to choose from.

The Finale

~ The Designer ~

Ms. Gertie Hermanos is the talented woman behind the swimwear designs. I had the chance to congratulate and speak with her during the event.

All in all, the event was great. I'm looking forward to attending other fashion events for the rest of the year.

More Fashion Show Photos
Sassa's Pre-Fashion Show
Sassa's Official Summer Collection 2009 Pictorial

A message from Sassa:

“All Condition Gear Philippines, Inc. supplied the colorful Crocs footwear the models wore at the Sassa Summer Collection 2009 Unveiling.

Crocs are well known for their signature style shoes for both kids and adults but they also have a whole lot of extremely comfortable slippers that go well with swim wear.

Some of the notable styles during the fashion show were the sexy wedges, Cyprus, described as "fashion fused with comfort" on the Crocs website.

The bronze and bright pink colors looked so very hot matched with Sassa's swimsuits. Also worth mentioning were the Capri Canvas models that simply screamed "Summer!"

Crocs are available in stores all around the Metro. Crocs manufacturers are committed to making lightweight, comfortable, slip-resistant, fashionable and functional shoes that are not only ultra fashionable (as we witnessed first hand during the show) but are also very comfortable!”


milai said…

nice meeting you at last night's ipanema event. had a great time. thanks for the company. :)
jdlacsamana said…
Hi Gertie,

These are excellent designs. I'm very proud of you. Your talent is very much evident as these designs marry creative exuberance with cost efficiency. I'm sure this particular line will be successful. With your permission, may I assist in promoting this line through my blog? Again, good work and keep it up.