Hello Kitty's Purr-fect 35th Anniversary Party

Sanrio's Hello Kitty turns 35!

To celebrate Hello Kitty's 35 years of bringing smiles to fans around the world, a birthday party was started last October 22 at Royal/T in Culver City, California.

Hello Kitty has graced everything from slippers, coin purses, and toasters to couture, laptops, and diamond jewelry. And this event called "Three Apples" is purr-fect to celebrate all things Hello Kitty in a multi-dimensional exhibition.
  • Three Apples Art Show that features 80+ contemporary artists and Hello Kitty fans that have interpreted their vision of Hello Kitty
  • Three Apples Apartment that featured wall-to-wall Hello Kitty products in living installation
  • Three Apples Product Retrospective showcasing Hello Kitty since 1974 to present day, and the exploring the future at the same time
  • Three Apples Events (Art & Fashion Happening, Hello Kitty breakfasts and tea parties, theme parties and costume events, special appearances and signings by Hello Kitty creators and a Hello Kitty birthday party on November 1) and
  • Three Apples Pop-Up Shop for never-seen-before Hello Kitty products including limited edition prints, Japanese imported goods, classic Hello Kitty products, special Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary collections and of course, Three Apples souvenir merchandise.

Behold this Futuristic Hello Kitty!

The Hello Kitty Doll Dress - a creative way to display all your collected HK dolls!

Hello Kitty Apartment with such cute amenities..

A Hello Kitty rock star ensemble - Katy Perry wore this outfit in one of her concerts!

Pretty cosplayers in their own Hello Kitty styles

Miranda Cosgrove holding a tote filled with Hello Kitty goodies

Paris Hilton posing with her huge Hello Kitty bag

Paris Hilton and Kimora Lee shows off their Hello Kitty blings!

Cats, according to myths, have nine lives. Well, Hello Kitty is no ordinary cat.

This iconic kitty reveled its way to the top in 35 years and I'm sure she will survive another 35!

Sources & Photo Credits: omg.yahoo.com, boingboing.net, arrestedmotion.com


Medicineworld said…
This is absolutely fantastic! I am loving it!!! 
Star Villanueva said…
I'm a collector of hello kitty.. What a great Hello kitty amenities and bags! =)