I found these yummy cocktail rings in an online bakeshop of sweet wearable adornments - the La Patisserie by Madame Éclore at Etsy.com.

These good enough to eat cocktail rings are handmade. Materials used are rare vintage buttons, vintage gold filigree adjustable ring band, and if I'm not mistaken - polymer clay. I've attended a basic polymer workshop last year and I am again itching to make some mini treats of my own.

Seriously, these rings are worth drooling for! Prices range from $20.00 - $40.00

Food is my addiction at the moment, too bad it's more like consuming and not collecting. My childhood best friend told me that she has been addicted to headbands recently and I thought I can collect something as nice and girly as a headband, but not quite as big. A single image flashed through my mind - a ring!

So from now on I'm in for that one of a kind ring hunt!

My fave treat at the La Pattiserie - Tout Sweet Too adorned with a sugary mini cake, candy, and faux pearl. ($23.00 = Php1,000.00+)

I've been using Ellana Mineral Cosmetics for a year now and I've never had any complaints about them ever since, in fact I am very much satisfied with their beauty products.

My alternative to a compact face powder is the Ellana Mineral Foundation. This loose foundation glides on so smoothly and blends easily on skin. It effectively conceals imperfections such as dark spots, acne, fine lines,wrinkles, and pimple marks.

It contains Allantoin for cell regeneration and moisturizing properties and Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to provide natural sun protection and long-lasting coverage all day.

I'm using the shade Hazelnut Latte in Premium Blend - one of their best sellers. Prices range from Php 100.00 - Php 420.00, depending on product size.

Ellana Mineral Foundation is available in Premium Blend (matte finish), Pure Blend 2-1 Foundation & Concealer (for extra sensitive and dry skin), and Intensive Coverage with Real Pearl Powder (for oily and problem skin).

I'm also using their Awake Mineral Concealer and I'm planning to try their Lip Scrubs.

Check out their official site: ellanaminerals.com

Fashion Flick takes on a beauty escapade at Bioessence Serenity Spa!

I have never undergone a facial treatment before because of two reasons: One, I never want to end up having a tomato red skin that looked swollen, and two, I'm not a fan of those icky flakes that fall off your face due to skin peeling. Thank goodness Bioessence Serenity Spa knows what face treatment is perfect for me - Diamond Peel.

Yesterday at Bioessence's Connecticut Ave. Greenhills branch I was warmly welcomed by their staff as soon as I entered the spa. They offered me a refreshing drink and gave me a list of their services. Krissy (left) made me fill out a client's info sheet before Ms. Henny Ravina, the branch manager (right) asked me to start a free skin consultation with her.

Ms. Henny asked me if I have chosen a specific skin, spa, or massage service from their list. I said I might try their Shiatsu massage. But then she noticed right away the breakouts I was having on my forehead and suggested that I take advantage of their facial treatments.

To analyze my skin problems further, she used a high-tech skin analyzer which works like an x-ray machine for the face. There is a mirror inside and I was surprised with what I saw. Under a special lighting, there were a lot of small to medium specks scattered on my T-zone area. Henny said, "That's what your face looks like underneath." (The picture on the right is my friend Lace having her skin analyzed.)

My skin problems:

Uneven skin tone, pimple marks and scars,
wrinkles around the eye area, active pimples, whiteheads, and oily skin.

Diamond Peel (Instant exfoliation of dead skin cells)

Here I was getting ready for a Diamond Peel with a bit of pimple extraction treatment. The ambiance was relaxing and the air smelled of aromatherapy oils which soothed my mood and calmed my nerves, I almost fell asleep.

Ms. Fe, my facial specialist/attendant who has been with Bioessence for 8 years, entertained me with some info about diamond peel. Special sterilised diamond wands with gentle suctions are used to rub off dead skin cells.

Ms. Fe handed me a mirror to witness how a diamond peel is being done. I watched as my face turned pinkish and felt a subtle stinging pain in areas where the wand grazed my skin. She skipped the spots where I have active pimples because they will only get aggravated. After a treatment of 30 minutes or more, she showed me the dead skin cells that had been collected.

After the diamond peel I also had an extraction treatment. She mentioned I have lots of "milia" that are needed to be taken out. These are small whitish bumps under the skin, in short, whiteheads. Mine have been driven down to a deeper level that's why taking them out was really painful.

When the facial session was over she gave me a quick massage. I've seen the results of the diamond peel instantly - a healthy rosy glow, smoother and softer skin, lighter complexion, and a more evened out skin tone.

Ms. Fe reminded me to wait for 6-8 hours before I can wash my face. Plus, I have to follow up on my treatment if I want to achieve best results and that's about 4 - 6 sessions. One session of Diamond Peel at Bioessence costs Php 1,000.00 (around USD $20).

I've also had a number of pimple wounds due to the extraction so Ms. Fe put some AB Liquid on them. The AB Liquid is an antibiotic for pimples and acne. I ordered one bottle to take home with me. My pimple wounds are now drying up faster than I imagined.

Bioessence Serenity Spa is in the Philippine beauty business for 14 years. They remain competitive by making their clients satisfied and well accommodated through "courteous greetings and pleasant chats". It's also good to know that their staff is composed of well-experienced therapists trained abroad to be more competent. And aside from quality treatments, they also keep hygiene in their top priority.

Bioessence offers skin, slimming, and spa services. Visit bioessence.ph for their list of beauty services and products.

Thanks Bioessence!

Photo Credits: Lace (styleandrelax.net), Jennie (kikaycorner.net), and mine using dad's camera

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