Achieve fair, healthy skin inside and out with the new Neutrogena Fine Fairness Range. It's a 4-product skin regimen that covers the 8 dimensions of healthy fairness - Protect, Shield, Lighten, Renew, Block, Calm, Prevent, and Restore.

Each of the products under the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Range has HealthyWhite Complex, a combination of natural ingredients that effectively work on the surface and deep within skin to provide women with visible skin-tone improvement. It's a combination of Essential Soy, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Ascorbyl Glucoside (Stabilized Vitamin C) and Portulaca Extract (natural plant extract). These ingredients target hyperpigmentation at its source.

The Fairness Regimen

Each of the products in the Neutrogena Fine Fairness® range now available in the Philippines – Fine Fairness® Cleanser, Fine Fairness® Toner, Fine Fairness® Lotion SPF 30/PA++, Fine Fairness ® Cream – work synergistically to bring out the skin’s natural fairness and radiance.

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness® Cleanser (PhP 297.00) is the first step in achieving long lasting radiance. This purifies the skin as it thoroughly removes impurities, helping improve overall fairness and clarity. The rich and creamy foam removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells without stripping skin of its natural moisture. It also contains Vitamin C, Essential Soy and skin-lighteners to improve fairness and translucence of skin.

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness® Toner (PhP 458.25) is a whitening toner that helps improve overall fairness and translucence. It contains Vitamin C and Essential Soy™ to help reduce discoloration for a more even skin tone. Special liposome delivery system deposits whitening ingredients into skin to help lighten overall complexion. Natural extracts and skin conditioners also replenish moisture, keeping skin soft and hydrated.

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness® Lotion SPF 30/PA++ (PhP 720.00) prevents the appearance of melanin on the inside and at the same time, moisturizes and protects skin on the outside. With HealthyWhite™ Complex and light-diffusing minerals, it boosts the whitening process and reduces uneven pigmentation. In addition, the UVA and UVB formula with SPF 30 shields skin from darkening and photo damage. This oil-free whitening lotion improves overall skin fairness, reduces dullness and sallowness, while smoothening skin and making pores less visible.

Suited for use at night, the Neutrogena Fine Fairness® Cream (PhP 774.00) protects inner skin against melanin to give an even, translucent skin tone. It also has high concentrations of HealthyWhite™ Complex, thereby giving skin a healthy, rosy glow while you sleep.


It's Freeway's third take on National Artist Collectors' Series and this time, works from another National Artist for Literature will be featured in a collection which includes graphic tees, leggings, outerwear, woven tops, tote bags, and clutches.

Jose Garcia Villa is known for his "comma poems" and his collection of short stories. He used Doveglion (short for Dove, Eagle and Lion) as a pen name and in 2008, a centennial edition of Villa's collected poetry had been published after this name. He was a Filipino poet, literary critic, short story writer, and painter, and was hailed Philippine National Artist in 1973.

Freeway proudly features some of his well known works - When One Cannot Run Runs, Poem for Violeta, Elegy for the Airplane, and other poems written in Filipino. His sketches will be featured as well using high-technology printing and colorfully creative graphic works and layouts.

Cherry Mobile Eclipse Features

June 16, 2010

Is your phone both fashionable and functional?

Check out the new Cherry Mobile Eclipse!

The Cherry Mobile Eclipse is the most affordable smart phone in the country. Powered by Windows 6.5 and with tons of Windows applications, it sure is a winner for a price of onlyPhp 9,999. It also comes with an elegant sleek design in silver and black which can never go wrong in any situation or event you're into. So, if you're a tech-savvy chick with a tight budget, maybe this phone's made for you! Go and check Cherry Mobile Eclipse's features.

  • Windows 6.5 platform
  • Touchscreen
  • Dual Sim/Dual Standby
  • WiFi
  • Pre-Installed Facebook Application
  • Threaded Messaging
  • Microsoft MyPhone
  • GPS
  • Internet Explorer Mobile
  • 2.0 Megapixel Camera
  • Bluetooth A2DP
  • Windows Media Player
  • G-Sensor
  • Office Mobile Applications (Powerpoint, Word, Excel)
  • FM Radio
  • Micro SD Expandable up to 8GB

Good news for Twilight Saga fans! You can get pre-installed “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” movie trailer and wallpapers in the phone, plus a free Twilight Saga: Eclipse poster and Cherry Mobile Swiss knife when you're one of the first to purchase the Cherry Mobile Eclipse Limited Edition.

Nike Rejuven8 LunarLight Mid

June 09, 2010

Nike Sportswear Summer Collection 2010 Presents Torch in Nike Rejuven8 Mid

Nike Rejuven8 LunarLight Mid became one of Nike's reinvented classics. Nike pushed its Torch material to further reinvent a 2008 Beijing innovation, the Rejuven8.

And this resulted in a completely redesigned shoe that has been known to be the Nike LunarLight Rejuven8 Mid.

Nike LunarLight Rejuven8 Mid is an ideal combination of lightweight comfort, structure and breathability. It features an ultra-lightweight, highly technical, engineered Torch upper fitted to a Nike LunarLite foam sole. It is now available in numerous solid colorways.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's hats?

Move over Blair Waldorf 'cause when it comes to wearing headpieces, Lady Gaga is the Queen of 'em all. From weird hairstyles and hats to enormous headgears, lady Gaga has proven to the world that a bad hair day can be a very, very interesting one. Cheers to her fashion-forward and out-of-this-world headpieces!

Antelope horns? I wonder how she managed to carry the weight of this outrageous piece.

Her hair looked like a giant cotton candy!

Lady Gaga aka Davey Jones' lost sister!

Even Ursula, the ocean witch, can never pull this off. Only Gaga can!

What's more interesting than a gigantic black flower on your head?

Electrifying performances needs an electrifying outfit.

Lady Gaga's hats went for a vacation so she made a hat out of her hair instead.

Gaga turns to a bloody red drama with a red crown that looks like a lethal weapon.

Alien? Dinosaur? Both? Guess which!

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