The Hot Bed Therapy is the first negative ion facility in the country built with negative ion technology from Japan. Negative ions are known for helping stabilize free radicals in the body. These free radicals are believed to cause heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, and aging.

Hot Bed “rejuvenates and relaxes, improves blood circulation, strengthens immune system, improves metabolism and blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and body toxins, relieves allergies, colds, and constipation.”

Electrical charges in the air can remarkably improve our overall health and wellness. Read my personal Hot Bed experience here - Zenyu Ecospa.

Hotel H2o (Zenyu Ecospa - 3rd floor)
Luneta Manila 1000 Philippines
Tel: 02 238-6100 or 6190

Wrangler Fall/Winter 2010 Collection - Wild at Heart!

September 19, 2010

Wrangler, being one of the three biggest denim brands with a hundred years of denim heritage, is now bringing the spirit of personalization, DIY mentality, and spirit of independence in its newest collection - Wrangler "Wild at Heart" Fall/Winter Collection.

Founded in 1909, Wrangler is firstly named Blue Bell and rooted as a workwear company specializing in Overalls, and renamed as Wrangler in 1947 which means “Worker” and has delivered denim innovation and authentic craftsmanship devoting to denim history.

The "Wild at Heart" concept was taken from Kustom Kulture, an American subculture from the 50s to 70s.
The campaign shoot took place at an urban car yard and the gas station, which set a perfect stage to showcase the brand’s genuine identity.

In the photos below you'll see a Wrangler couple searching for parts for their old Chevy everywhere and after that, they bring along the parts they needed and working intensely in their workshop trying to fix the vehicle on their own, together with the typical hair style, turn up jeans and customized vehicles.

Delivery One – Thrill of Speed, motor racing inspiration: twin stripes, the snakehead customization as artistry: contrasts and craftsmanship Americana: fast and furious.

Delivery Two – Engraved Life, engraving is the major theme. Self expression etched into a garment as wisdom lines of face. The lived-in look. The wandering spirit.

Delivery Three - Working Heroes, an object of strength: robust, warm, reliable and ready for action. Heavy construction. Purpose and nobility. Burnt tones, dirty washed. Courage under fire.

Check out the Wrangler fall/winter 2010 collections at Wrangler stores.

For more information about Wrangler, please visit

After Ensembles by Debbie Co last year, here's another collection from one of the most celebrated fashion designers today, Louis Claparols.

The Ensembles by Louis Claparols Holiday Collection consists of very art-deco dresses, tops, skirts, boleros and trench coats featuring retro-feel prints and cut-out patches. Colorful stretch fabrics were used making pieces crisp and flattering.

Louis Claparols (pronounced as Louie) is elected as the president of Young Designers Guild (YDG), and he once co-owned a vintage store in Rockwell called Marni’s Room. He became known because of his collection of embellished jeans.

Here's the runway photos of Louis Claparols Holiday 2010 Collection. Enjoy!

Facebook Page: Search for “Ensembles


Taylor Momsen's Hooker Heels

September 14, 2010

By urban definition, I know that hooker heels are those that have over 4 inches in height. Now, I've been surprised that Taylor Momsen wore a pair of interesting "hooker" heels.

One can actually drop a few buckaroos as tips! Check out the photos below. I would actually call these "Cinderella" shoes for their glass-like soles and heels.

Fire it up with Firetrap

September 12, 2010

Today's featured clothing brand is Firetrap, a British brand specializing in jeans. Firetrap designs are influenced by modern, industrial, utility references, inspired by Londonism with a rock and roll spirit. When we say "Londonism", it is a multi cultural with subversive wit progressive, creative with a sexy raw attitude.

The brand's continual reinvention lead to its four ranges: Menswear, Womenswear, Black Seal -the Denim Collection and Accessories. Firetrap Footwear is also produced and sold under license by Fresh Footwear.

Firetrap is firmly established in the international market. Their merchandise are sold in more than 30 countries and 1,500 doors worldwide. There are five stores in the UK: a Covent Garden store in London and others in Belfast, Liverpool, Leeds and Edinburgh.

In 2004, the Deadly was born – a gnome mascot used in Firetrap promotions that became a collector’s item. In 2009 Firetrap has announced via its official website that Deadly the Gnome will return in 2010.

You can purchase Firetrap t-shirts and other apparel in several online stores like Box Clothing. Check out some of their gorgeous stuff!

Firetrap's Diva in cracked, silver metallic leather

Dione Dream purple T-Shirt with a scoop neck

Bellamy Maxi Dress - lovely and daring!

Firetrap Rikki Jeans with back zip pockets

Stylish Papillon Bag

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