Nick Joaquin Collection Launch by Freeway

August 22, 2009

Freeway fashion line launched its Freeway Loves Art National Artist Collector's Series last August 18, 2009 at The Row, Glorietta 5. The first pocket collection of the series features the works of a great Filipino poet and National Artist, Nick Joaquin.

Upon arrival I checked out the food that they have for the guests and it was Bo's Coffee that entertained us with delectable treats.

Next, I hurried inside the store to take some photos of the seven piece pocket collection. Beautiful graphics and the masterful words of the artist were merged as interpreted in tees, hoodies, and dresses. I can't wait to buy one for myself!

The stage filled with artistic and literary ambiance was perfect for the Tertulia.

The main event was an intimate celebration of Nick Joaquin's life. Noelle Cassandra, a renowned harpist and singer, sang a beautiful song to open the show. Then it was followed by poetry reading by G Tongi, Jocas De Leon, and Bing Villegas. Bing Villegas, who represented the Joaquin family, also shared with us about the artist's personal life when he was interviewed by Mo Twister, the host of the event.

Freeway treated their guests to a raffle for Freeway Gift Certificates and everyone was able to bring home Limited Edition Nick Joaquin Clutch with writer’s goodies inside as a souvenir of the event - Yay!

This event is a bit different from the rest that I've attended. They focused on the importance of literary art and not on fashion alone.

It was a night of poetry, music, and coffee - a night worth reminiscing!

Freeway Loves Art: Nick Joaquin Collector's Series

August 20, 2009

Freeway pays tribute to National Artists like Nick Joaquin by interpreting his beautiful words in graphic tees, hoodies, dresses - even in clutches and graphic tees for men!

Look stylish and wear a little bit of history and be proud of this one of a kind pocket collection honoring Nick Joaquin as a National Artist for Literature.

For lovers of the arts, this is one collection you can't miss!

Nick Joaquin National Artist Collector's Series

"The Years"
Sublimation Honeycomb Dress featuring the element of time (Php 1,495.00)

"The Summer Solstice"
Woven shirt dress with excerpts from the book printed in script style (Php 1,595.00)

"Six PM"
Sleeveless tunic top (Php 1,395.00)

"Landscape Without Figures"
Short sleeve Sublimation Tee (Php 895.00)

"May Day Eve"
Artistic Hoodie Jacket (Php 1,495.00)

"A Portrait Of The Artist As Filipino"
Colorful Sublimation Tee (Php 895.00)

"Song Between Wars"
Gray Graphic Tee for Men (Php 795.00)

Nick Joaquin Limited Edition Clutch in black and white (Php 395.00)

Johnson's Body Care in partnership with Preview magazine, have chosen six talented Filipino designers "to showcase the most romantic frocks, inspired by nothing but soft skin."

These dresses were also seen on the runway in Johnson's Body Care Product Launch Party last August 7, 2009. They come in white, blush, and nude colors to fully celebrate women's beautiful skin.

"Skin City"

"I came up with this creation to showcase the legs. As a designer, knowing what I want to emphasize dictates the cut, details, and most importantly, the color of the dress I'm working on. These creations make that much-desired body part stand out." - Mel Orlina

Left Dress (Php 14,000) and right dress (Php 15,000) - order from Mel Orlina (09065602225)

"I wanted my design to have that clean, polished look that goes well with having clear skin. The female form forever mystifies me, and it shows well in this creation. The soft curves surrounding the cleavage definitely inspired this specific outfit." - Rosanna Ocampo

Left dress (Php 14,000) and right dress (Php 8,000) - order from Rosanna Ocampo (09175342024)

"The gentleness, softness, freshness, and smoothness of skin inspired me to design these dresses. Delicate, soft, and sheer fabrics were used to showcase skin with cutouts. With these pieces being light and flowy, their nude colors make them beautifully soft and fluid." - Debbie Co

Left dress (Php 15,000) and right dress (Php 18,500) - order from Debbie Co (09178334476)

"With this creation, I played with the softness of the fabric to highlight the sexiest part of every woman's body: the waist. The color of the fabric also plays up the luminescence of the skin, so the models' soft, supple skin truly shines." - Czarina Villa

Left dress (Php 9,000) and right dress (Php 8,500) - order from Czarina Villa (09178553180)

"The models' smooth, glowing skin definitely stands out and can be displayed proudly as seen here in our creations. We designed these dresses with bare backs and shoulders to give more emphasis to the skin in those areas." - Choc and Yvette Religioso

Left dress (Php 15,000) and right dress (Php 15,000) - order from Religioso (09175350587)

Disclaimer: These photos were originally featured in Preview magazine, August 2009 issue.

Kate Hudson's flowing dress, trendy accessories, and long tresses makes her an ultimate boho chic.

Boho chic is a style of female fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences of the late 1960's. At its height in 2004 - 2005, the style was associated particularly with actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss in the United Kingdom and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in the United States.

Elements of Boho Chic:
  • floaty skirts, notably long white ones
  • furry gilets
  • embroidered tunics
  • cropped jackets
  • large faux-coin belts
  • sheepskin garments
  • cowboy boots
  • baggy cardigans
  • hobo bags

The queen of boho at the Glastonbury festival in 2004 - Sienna Miller

Kate Moss wears boho with an urban edge.

Mary Kate Olsen is so not over boho!

Here are my hippie finds to help you dress up without looking BOHOverdone!

Freeway Loves Art!

To show its support to past deserving recipients of the National Artist Award, Freeway will be introducing its National Artist Collectors' Series. The first pocket collection will be featuring the beautiful works of our very own literary genius Nick Joaquin as interpreted by Freeway.

It is of great pleasure that I have been invited to Freeway Loves Art National Artist Collectors' Series Launch to be held at The Row, Glorietta 5 on August 18, 2009.

Who is Nick Joaquin?

Nicomedes Marquez Joaquin or Nick Joaquin "was a Filipino writer, historian and journalist, best known for his short stories and novels in the English language."

Some of his famous published works include The Summer Solstice, The Woman Who Had Two Navels, A Portrait Of The Artist as Filipino, May Day Eve, and Cave and Shadows.

He received a National Artist Award in 1976.

Johnson & Johnson launched its skin care line especially made for women last August 7, 2009 at Whitespace, Makati City.

Whitespace was filled with Metro Manila's top fashion and beauty icons, and media personalities wearing tones of white, blush, and nude cocktail attires. The dress code mirrors skin celebration, for Filipina women to achieve fairer, rosier, and smoother skin - so there will be nothing to hide!

The event's highlight was the Johnson’s Body Care Launch Fashion Show, wherein some of Manila’s young female designers namely Debbie Co, Rosanna Ocampo, Mel Orlina, Choc and Yvette Religioso and Czarina Villa showcased their pieces especially designed to put a spotlight on soft, moisturized skin.

The new Johnson's Body Care introduced three variants of body lotions and washes focusing on women's desire to moisturize, soothe, and protect their skin: 24 Hour Lasting Moisture, Melt Away Stress, and Naturally White.

  • The Johnson’s Body Care 24 Hour Lasting Moisture will give women long-lasting silky smooth skin. Skin will bask in moisture and help prevent dullness, flakiness and tightness caused by dryness, from sunrise to sundown.
  • The Johnson’s Body Care Melt Away Stress with calming properties helps melt away stress and refreshes the skin.
  • The Johnson’s Body Care Naturally White provides daily care that helps maintain skin’s brightness for a naturally soft and fair glow.

We were able to experience first hand the benefits of Johnson's Body Care lotions! Thanks to the Soft Skin Lotion Bar.

Us - friends and gal pals having fun at the event!

Preggies wearing flats at the cocktail event :)

Care boasts its new line of body lotions and washes addressing the universal desire of women for baby soft, beautiful skin.

Introducing the three Johnson's Body Care variants that moisturize, soothe, and help protect skin!

24 Hour Lasting Moisture

It helps combat dryness with its moisture-rich ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil. Shea butter softens and moisturizes the skin, while vitamin E has antioxidant properties that help protect skin cells from damage and free radicals. Jojoba oil, meanwhile, helps balance the skin’s sebum and also moisturizes dry skin. This unique combination of ingredients helps stop the three signs of dryness as it reduces skin tightness, lessens skin flakiness and revives dull-looking skin.

Johnson’s Body Care 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion and Wash are specially formulated to leave a woman’s skin moisturized, soft and touchable from sunrise to sundown.

Melt Away Stress

To help women counter the effects of daily stress, the Johnson’s Body Care Melt Away Stress Body Lotion and Wash are enriched with the aromatic fragrances of chamomile, lavender and moonflower. These natural ingredients are clinically proven to have a soothing and calming effect on the mind and body as they help women relax their senses and relieve stress.

Best to use at night, these products promote better rest and a good night’s sleep. The unique combination of ingredients helps melt away stress and refreshes the skin.

Naturally White

For the woman who is frequently exposed to the sun, the Johnson’s Body Care Naturally White Daily UV Body Lotion and Wash offer a good tandem solution.

The range contains a “soft and fair” formula with 8x UV protection, milk proteins and vitamin C to help protect skin from sun damage and retain the skin’s natural brightness. Vitamin C helps reduce the aging effects of the sun by stifling the effects of UV rays before they harm the skin, while milk proteins provide skin with a soft, supple feel. The combined effect of the lotion and wash helps protect the skin and allows women to glow with the radiance of naturally fair skin.

Watch the Johnson's Body Care TVC and be inspired to achieve again that baby soft and smooth skin that you used to have.


Team Jacob or Team Edward?

Last year, the world went crazy over Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. I've seen her books almost everywhere. The craze has become an addiction that's so hard to resist.

I've read the 4 books.. I've seen the first movie Twilight, got entertained yet felt a little disappointment.. and now I'm anticipating the second installment, New Moon, this November 2009!

Have you taken your side yet? I heard Taylor Lautner's hot bod in New Moon will make Robert Pattinson fans switch sides.

Wear your statement now!

For Vampire Lovers
"Team Edward" T-shirt, $32

For Wolf Lovers
"Team Jacob" tank, $28

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